Astro Tower Company

Colorado Springs, Co

TO: The Earth Space & Science Community
FROM: Astro Tower Company
DATE: 5.14.2017
SUBJECT: Call for Expertise

Dear members of the Earth Space and Science Community,

Astro Tower Co. is seeking experts in the fields of Biology, Geology, Meteorology, and other fields related to the study of planets which qualify for colonization, and the logistics of travel to identified planets.
For the purpose of ( digital-simulated-game ) colonization of an uncharted and hypothetical planet named  “Lyra”, located within the Bermuda Triangle of space. Located between Earth and New Earth.

A recent report indicates one of our Star Cruisers, which provides luxury travel to the new homeworld for new colonists is no longer in contact with mission headquarters. It has been the assessment of company investors and their technical advisors that rescue or recovery of the passengers is not a plausible solution at this time.

We however are looking into solutions to send additional resources to aid the stranded colonists. As well as

data probes to provide us information on the space anomaly which we believe forced the ship into landing.

Mission priorities are as follows:

  1. Analyze and Report findings on the space anomaly for insurance purposes.
  2. Determine the risk the anomaly poses to future scheduled launches.
  3. Confirm existence, location and properties of the planet “Lyra”.
  4. Determine what resources need to be sent to any potential survivors.

Your contributions could lead not only to the pioneering of a new homeworld for colonist, but also a deeper understanding of the vast universe we travel from our home world to New Earth. Helping to ensure safety and prosperity for future generations to come for all of Earth’s inhabitants.

Please contact us to help in this critical space mission.

via email @ / - or via skype: cody.rauh